Stamper Family Project
 Pictures are from 'A FAMILY PORTRAIT'
by Kate Stamper Wilhite and Betty Littleton
Moberly, Missouri ... 1987
At Sam Stamper's home in Kentucky during the Stamper Family Reunion. 
In 1923, when we went back to Kentucky for the Stamper family reunion, we went to Muscle Shoals Baptist Church the Stampers helped found. Moma and Papa had their picture made with various Kentucky Stampers; and we went to see the Lusby's Mill. 

'Papa', Finis Stamper (at age twenty); and Sarah Cobb Stamper, Papa's mother.

In 1923, when we went to the Stamper family reunion in Owen County, Kentucky, Papa had his picture taken on the porch of the first house the Stampers built there around the turn of the century (1800). Below is a Stamper family reunion around 1889. I never knew my Stamper grandparents, but they are probably the couple seated in the middle of the front row with the little girl between them. Uncle Jim (we called Jim 'uncle' even though he was really our cousin) is next to Grandma, and Aunt Luch is next to Grandpa. Mama and Papa are in the middle of the back row.

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