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That is Abney L. Stamper on the left. This was in a frame and probably belonged to Wilburne Stamper Sr. I forgot to add that Wilburne Sr died in Dec. 1985 and his brother, my Grandfather died 2 weeks later on Christmas morning.....

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This picture was behind the other I sent you of Abney. It is not familiar to me at all. I thought maybe you could i.d. the house. The man seated next to the picture, obviously someone who had died, resembles Abney as an old man, just a little heavier. Any help appreciated



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Very Good!

I've only just dabbled a bit in family history, but recently have become more interested and more dedicated. I've mainly been researching my Mothers side but I found a couple of old photos today which made me pull out the Stamper info. After checking out your site I saw that I could add some info there and hench my earlier email.

I'll start with my great grandfather, Abney Lucian Stamper. You have him listed as # 72. He was born in 1876 and died in 1959. I can come up with exact dates for both, I just can't lay my hands on them this minute. His first wife was Leila Crouch who was born 7/29/1874 and died 2/18/ 1949. He married again to a woman named Edna but that is all I know about her. I know my great grandfather didn't particulary like his name and usually went by A. L..

Abney was a minister who preached around central Indiana mainly Springport and Yorktown. He was born in KY. He had 3 sons First there was Wilburne Clay, then Joseph Herbert and finally Allan. I think Wilburne was born in 1898, Joe was born March 16, 1900. I don't know that much about Allan except he was the youngest and a doctor.

Anyway, Wilburne Clay was married to Mariah Shepard and to them were born several children. Wilburne, Jr is my Uncle and he just turned 90 on July 27th. He had/has several brothers and sisters.... Mary, Leila, Patsy and Milton. Milt has done quit a bit with the Stamper family geneology and he may have contacted you several years ago. Wilburne Jr married Ruth Anna Williams on Nov 13,1938 and they had 3 children.... Anne Stamper 12/43, John Walter 12/46 and Mark Clay 1950.

Joseph Herbert Stamper was my Grandfather. He was born in Bath Co, KY, as I stated earlier, March 16, 1900. He married Gladys Painter Livezey from Springport, IN, about 1922. And he became a Dr. later specializing in Anesthesia. They lived in Middletown for many years and had 3 kids there. My father, Robert Joseph Stamper, was born Nov 9, 1924 He also became a MD. Next born was his sister, Joyce Elaine Stamper, 10/9/29. She married Phillip H. Petro. They had 2 daughters Janet Lynn 3/14/53 and Judith Ann 7/55. My Father and his sister resided with their families in Anderson, IN

My Uncle, John Lloyd Stamper, was the last born in 1933, I think. Feb 10th. He retired from Dentistry and still resides with his 2nd wife Shirley Cory Stamper in Greencastle, IN . With his first wife, Marian Riggs Stamper, they had 4 kids. Sharon, born around 1958, Susan around 1960, Joseph around 1961 and Paul Robert around 1963.

My Father Dr. Robert Joseph Stamper married my Mother, Mary Alice Williams, June 7, 1949. She was born and raised in New Castle, IN. and was the daugther of Walter and Lucy Waters Williams. She was born Oct 30, 1924.

I was born on Feb 23, 1953 in Seattle, WA while my Dad was in the Navy. My brother, Gregory L. Stamper was born Dec 6. 1954 and my sister Lisa Ann Stamper was born Sept 6, 1959, both in Anderson, IN.

I married Laura Anne Cook, 11/6/52, from San Francisco, CA on June 25, 1983. Our only child Robert James Joseph Stamper was born on Aug 12, 1985. We all live in Greencastle, IN.

My Brother married Janice Fredericks in Dec of 1983 and they have 3 children..... Matthew Frederick 1/12/85, Mitchell Gregory 5/11/87 and Melany Lisa 7/29/92

My Sister married John G. Collier in Aug of 1980. They have one son John Robert Collier 5/23/82

This is all I can come up with right now..... not sure of all my dates, but they are close...... I hope you can figure all this out.
Did you ever correspond with a lady named Lorraine Stamper Enlow from Great Falls, Montana? She gave me a lot of info on the Stamper's a long time ago. Her Father was one of Abney's brothers, James Lock, I believe.

I am also going to send you a couple of photos I found today and mentioned earlier.... they are what turned me from working on my Mothers geneology to the Stampers this evening....

Thanks for all your hard work..... just the little I've done makes me realize the hours & hours you have spent researching and putting the pieces together..... I really appreciate it!

Best Regards,
Steve Stamper


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