Stamper Family Project
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William Hiram and Edna Mae Stamper

 William Hiram and Edna Mae Stamper

From: Bill Stamper
Sent: Friday, September 25, 2009 7:39 PM
To: Golden Ferguson
Subject: Re: Stamper Family Project

Hi Golden

My father is not an attorney in DC. He and I are both financial
advisors in Indianapolis, IN. I am attaching two pictures of my grandparents,
William Hiram and Edna Mae Stamper. My grandfather passed away November 18, 2006;
my grandmother is doing very well and is still with us today. I will try to find some other photos of my grandfather and my father to pass along. My grandmother will be very excited
to see your site as well.

I was married May 5, 2001 to Amy Beth Woodruff of Columbus, IN. We have two daughters, Hayden Elizabeth Stamper (1/25/2003) and Morgan Riley Stamper (1/31/2005). I kind of feel the pressure to have a boy at this point now that I can see back to 1640...

Thank you for your hard work in collecting all of this information. Let me know if I
can help further with my immediate family.


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