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 Stamper / Bush Family
Old family photos purchased at an estate sale in Prescott, Arizona 2007, courtesy of Tom Wyma. (
They all appear to be related to the Stamper families who lived in Wizard Wells, Jack County, Texas, circa 1915.
** Note: the originals were passed on to a Stamper family member. If you have been the lucky receiptient;
and recognize these photos; please let us know .... :- ))
  Shared by Melinda McLemore   

Stamper Women with a Horse
It is thought one of these ladies could
possibly be Marie Audrey Bush.
    Stamper Family:
Aunt Grace and Mr. Fritter,
Mineral Wells, Texas
It was labelled "Aunt Grace and
Mr. Fritter, Mineral Wells, Texas."


  Stamper Family Photo   Stamper Family, Wizard Wells, Texas
It was inscribed on the front,
"Souvenir of Wizard Wells."
Stamper, Mary Mabel, ca 1915, probably
Wizard Wells, Jack County, Texas
It is a photo postcard, and on the
back was written,
"Mary Mabel Stamper (better known as
Jack) and her dog Teddy."

  Stamper Family: Unknown Lady
in Winter Wear. It is possibly Grace,
who was featured in many
of the photos from this collection.
  Stamper Family:
Clara, Gladys, and Mabel
On the back, it was labelled
"Clara, Gladys, and Mabel",
It appears that the girls are listed in
order of age.
Clara, the eldest girl pictured (center),
is presumably the daughter of Hiram and Alice Stamper, born ca 1894, making her around the age of 14 in this photo.
Mabel (left), the youngest girl pictured, appears to be Mary Mabel Stamper,
born in 1908, a daughter
of William Clint Stamper and
Marie Audrey Bush, and a niece to Clara.
The identity of Gladys (right) is currently unknown.
Stamper Family: Unknown Ladies
on a Bench. It was not labelled, but
it appears that the woman to the
left might be Grace, who appears
in numerous pictures in this collection.
It was a picture postcard, with a
Carthage, Missouri postmark dating 1907.



  Bush, Marie Audrey Bush, with her daughter,
Mary Mabel "Jackie" Stamper
It was labelled "Mrs. W.C. Stamper &
3 yr old daughter. Marie & Mable."
The back was further inscribed,
Marie Audrey Bush wife of
William Stamper.

Marie Audrey Bush and William Stamper
were married on June 27, 1907
at Bentonville, Ark. Their oldest daughter, Mary Mabel, was born 9 August 1908 in Montague, Texas.

Stamper Family:
the Wife and Daughter of
Dick Stamper (Presumably Vada Craig
and Sylvia Stamper) . It was in a
cardboard presentation folder, with a
faint inscription in pencil on the inside
cover that reads "To my "Black" mammy.
My wife and baby. A girl three months
old. Dick Stamper."

It appears that Dick Stamper is Hiram F. "Dick" Stamper, Jr. If this is correct,
then this photo would be of his wife, Henrietta Vada Craig, and their
eldest child, daughter Sylvia V. Stamper, born in August, 1914 in Texas. However,
this is unknown with certainty.

Stamper Family:
Unknown Lady in Flowered Dress
It was in an embossed cardboard sleeve
from Gem Studios. It could possibly be
an early photo of Grace, who is featured
in many of the photos from this collection.
  Stamper Family: Aunt Grace and Mary
It was simply labelled "Aunt Grace and Mary."

Stamper, Jaska Bland, Funeral Notice
Funeral Notice for Jaska Bland Stamper,
Born November 6, 1912 and Died February 12, 1913

She may have been a daughter of
William Clint Stamper and Marie Audrey Bush.

  Stamper Family: Grace and Mack in
Galveston, Texas, 1910
On the front was written "Grace and Mack
taken August 7th, 1910 Galveston, Texas"
and on the back it was inscribed,
"from Grace to Papa."
Shared by Golden; with permission from Rick/ Fort Tour System, Inc.
Wizard Wells
Marker Title: Wizard Wells
City: Jacksboro vicinity
Year Marker Erected: 1980
Marker Location: 10 miles east of Jacksboro via US 380 and FM 1156, in Wizard Wells.
Marker Text: The Kiowa Indians first visited this location and used the mineral waters for medical purposes. George Washington Vineyard settled
here in the 1870s, taking up a claim originally established by David Rowland. Vineyard dug this well for his home but the mineral-tasting water was
not used. He suffered from sore eyes and from ulcers on his legs but was cured by bathing in and drinking the water. The news spread and visitors
suffering from arthritis, rheumatism, stomach disorders, and skin diseases began coming to the well. Those seeking treatments often camped along
Bean's Creek in their wagons. Soon three hotels and several bath houses opened to serve the increased visitor population. The town of Vineyard was
laid out in 1882 and J.H. Grisham opened the first general store. The town later included several churches, a newspaper, school; sawmill, blacksmith
shop, and post office. In 1898 the Rock Island Railroad bypassed Vineyard and Sebree community was started (2 miles south). Visitors arriving by train
took a hack to the resort. H.F. Stamper and his sons, Clint and H.F. Jr., petitioned the Legislature in 1915 and the name of Vineyard became "Wizard Wells".
Sebree was changed to Vineyard. (1980)

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