Stamper Family Project
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Picture 1 ... I have attached the photo of my grandparents and their four oldest children. The 1922 date is an educated guess.
The baby sitting on my grandmother's lap is Uncle Mack. He was born in July of 1920. My mother, the next child, was born on January 22, 1923. My guess is that it is Easter, since Mom says that was a time when everyone got dressed up. Uncle Mack
appears to be about 21 months in the photo so the time frame fits.

Picture 3 ...McCellan Stamper and Amanda (Taulbee).

Pictures 2, 4, 5, and 6 ... I have attached some photos I took on my trip to Kentucky last April. McCellan Stamper (#188) was
my Great Grandfather. The other Rev. Stamper (#189) must be in the Stamper Kin book somewhere, I just haven't had time to
look him up yet. George Stamper was my grandmother's brother and I visited him a number of times on my trips to Kentucky as
a child. Calvin Stamper was the son of Courtney Stamper (Martha Neeley...not sure about the spelling of the last name), my grandmother's brother. He was also one of my mother's favorite first cousins. She still cannot mention his name without a
tear coming to her eye.

Pics shared by Bernie Wagers ... July 1, 2006

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