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 Monday, April 03, 2006 5:41 PM


You contacted my nephew Chris Stamper a couple of years ago, and we had just started communicating
when I lost my husband, and then a year later my Mother. Anyway I have now settled down, retired and
have been thinking about getting back in contact with you.

As I remember, I had told you my family always told me that my grandfather Alberts family came to
Idaho by way of Kentucky and Missouri. And you responded that you wasn't aware of any family
going to Missouri. However, one thing I have noticed in looking at your web page is the family names.
Cecil, James, etc.

I am sending this picture of my grandfather Albert and his family so maybe you can get an idea from
that if we may be related. While this picture is black and white , they all had blue Stamper eyes.
Two of my brothers have them and most of my male cousins. Seems to follow the males in the family
more than the women.

Any way would appreciate what you think. The odd thing about your contacting my nephew was that
just a month or two before one of the men I worked with (in the Forest Service) was in Kentucky on a fire assignment and he brought me home a paper with the Stamper family web page advertisement.

Quite a coincidence.
Cheryl White

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