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London ... 1826
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County of Northhampton, - Bland, of Maidwell ... page 205

Page 205
John Bland, of Lombard-Street, = Priscilla.
Goldsmith and Banker, and of Tottenham.

1. Sally Morgan = Stamper Bland = 2. Mercy Bell, Elias Bland = Hannah Stamper John Bland, = Margaret Bland,
Lydia-Mercy, ob. s.p. ob. s.p. died unmdz

Priscilla =Charles Hanbury-Bland

Eleven children living in 1825

Edmund Bland
Elias Bland
Susan Bland, widow (all three) of Maidwell


 Page 206 Northhampton (Maidwell)

WE now come to a BRANCH of THE FAMILY, which appears to have professed the Religious Tenets of the "Quakers," ---
and whose calm and uniform Life is distinguished for Charity, Humanity, and general Benevolence.

JOHN BLAND, who is the Patriarch of this Family, was a Goldsmith and Banker, in Lombard-Street, London, and had a
Country Seat at Tottenham, in Middlesex.

By his wife PRISCILLA, he had three sons and one daughter, -viz.,
3. JOHN.

By his Will, dated the 6th of January, 1764, and proved on the 2d of May, 1765, he gives his freehold messuage and lands
at Tottenham to his dear and loving wife PRISCILLA BLAND, for her life, and after her decease, he devises the same to his
good friend JOHN MANN, of The Hand-in-Hand Fire Office, and his son JOHN BLAND, upon Trust, to sell the same,
and dispose of the residue to his sons ELIAS BLAND, JOHN BLAND, and his daughter LYDIA-MERCY BLAND, or such
of them as shall be living at the death of his wife,-gives also to his wife all his freehold and copyhold messuages, &c, at
Wattesfield, in the County of Suffolk, for her life, and after her decease, he wills the same to SAMUEL ALEXANDER and
DIKES ALEXANDER, Gentlemen, of Needham Market, upon Trust, to receive and pay over the said rents to his son ELIAS


 Page 207 Northhampton (Maidwell)

BLAND, for his life, and after his decease, to his daughter-inlaw, HANNAH BLAND, wife of his son ELIAS BLAND, for her
life, and after her decease, for the first, second, and third, and all and every other the son and sons of his said son ELIAS,
severally in succession,-and in default of such, for all and every of his daughters,-with remainder to his son and daughter,
JOHN and LYDIA-MERCY BLAND,-he likewise devises to his wife, all that his messuage, with it's appurtenances, in
Lombard-Street, for her life, and after her decease, to his son JOHN BLAND, and his heirs,-and of that third part of his personal
estate, which, by the custom of London, he had a right to dispose at his decease, he gives to his son ELIAS BLAND £400., to his
daughter LYDIA-MERCY £1500., to MERCY BLAND, the widow of his late son STAMPER BLAND, £100., -to JOHN MANN,
in consideration of his trouble as one of his Trustees, £20.,-to his friend TIMOTHY BEVAN for the use of Grace-church-Street
Monthly Meeting, £20.,-to THOMAS BYNION, of Northampton, £10., to be by him distributed amongst the poor friends of
Northampton Meeting,-and to EDMUND BLAND, of Maidwell, the like sum of £10,, to be by him distributed amongst his poor
Relations at Maidwell, as he should think proper,-and he further gives to the said EDMUND BLAND, and also to ELIAS BLAND,
and SUSAN BLAND, Widow, all of Maidwell, the sum of £10. each,-to LAWRENCE COOPER, of Wellingborough, £5.-and to
his Servants in Town and Country, who shall be in his service at the time of his decease, "one guinea a-piece," besides their wages
then due to them,-and all the rest and residue of the lastmentioned third part of his personal estate, he gives to his three children


Page 208 Northhampton (Maidwell)

MERCY BLAND, equally to be divided between them,-and he appoints JOHN MANN, his wife PRISCILLA,
and his son John BLAND, Executors of his Will.(1)

STAMPER BLAND, his eldest son, was a Banker also in Lombard-Street. He married, first, on the 9th of November, 1747,
Miss SALLY MORGAN, of Stratford, with a fortune of £6000.(2) -and, secondly, on the 17th of March, 1757,
Miss MERCY BELL, daughter of the late Mr. BELL, Druggist, in Leadenhall-Street,-by neither of whom [ he any children.
He died in the life-time of his Father.

By his Will, dated the 15th of January, 1761, and proved on the 5th of June following, he directs his Funeral to be
decent " like that of his late wife,"-ratifies and confirms the gift of the Reversion and Remainder in fee of his
freehold estates in Poplar and Stepney Marsh, in the County of Middlesex, which he made by deed dated the 10th
of January, 1761, to his brother-in-law WILLIAM BELL, and BENJAMIN BELL, in Trust, for his dear wife MERCY
BLAND, and her heirs,-gives to his said dear wife all his household furniture, plate, &c,-small legacies to his Uncle
THOMAS MORGAN, of Stanton Harcourt, in the County of Oxford,-to WILLIAM QUARTERMAN, and LUKE QUARTERMAN,
and all the rest of his goods, &c, he bequeaths (subject to an annuity of £18. to JOHN EAMES, of Henley) to his said
wife, for her own proper use and benefit, in case he leaves no issue, -but if he leaves a child by her, then he gives two-third
parts of such Residue to his wife, and the other part to such child,-and if he should leave more than one child,
then he directs that such Residue

(1) Prerog. Off. Regist, 4 Rushworth 908, p. 169
(2) Gent. Mag, vol. 17. p . 544.


 Page 209 Northhampton (Maidwell)

shall be equally divided between his wife and children, -- and he constitutes his wife MERCY BLAND, and his good
friend TIMOTHY BEVAN, Executors of his Will.(3)

MERCY, his widow, married, secondly, Mr. RANSOME, of Hitchin, in Hertfordshire.

ELIAS BLAND, the second son, married HANNAH STAMPER, by whom he had no issue.

On the 7th of December, 1762, The Lord MANSEIELD, Lord Chief Justice of the Court of King's Bench,
in the usual manner, delivered two Writs of Error, - in one of which ELIAS BLAND was Plaintiff, and
JACOB TONSON was Defendant. And, on the 16th of December, of the same year, upon a Petition of the Defendant,
the Writ of Error was ordered to be " Non pros'd, with £20. costs, the Plaintiff not having assigned
Errors within the time limited by The Standing Order.(4)

ELIAS BLAND died at New York, on the 30th of November, or 1st of December, 1780, after a few days' illness,
-having come thither from his residence at Maidwell, near Woodbridge, in East New Jersey, with an intent to take
his passage to England,-he was interred on the 2d of December, in The Friends' Burial-ground there. He was in the
60th year of his age.

HANNAH BLAND, his widow, died at Rickmansworth, in the County of Hertford, on the 19th of September, 1797,
at the age of 74.

JOHN BLAND, the third son, was a Partner in the eminent

(3) Prerog. Off. Regist. 5 Cheslyn 866, p 200.
(4) Journals of The House of Lords, vol. 30. pp. 304, 311.-Calendar of Writs of Error, p* 740.



 Page 210 Northhampton (Maidwell)

Banking-House of Messrs. BARNETT, HOARE, and HILL, in Lombard Street. His Country Seat was at North End,
Hampstead. He died on the 21st of October, 1788, aged 65. His death was awfully sudden,-but supposed to
have been occasioned by "Angina Pectoris," symptoms of that disorder having appeared a year or two previous
to that afflicting event. In the early part of the Evening he had been transacting Parish business at " The Jamaica Coffee-House,"-and, about 10 o'clock, he went to his Club, who meet every Tuesday Evening at " The George,"
in George -Yard, Lombard Street. After some conversation, he took up his Pipe, but had no sooner lighted it, than
he fell down, and instantly expired. He was in good health, perfectly free from any apparent ailment, and ate
his supper, and was in as good spirits as usual. One of the Company, seeing him fall, ran to him, and attempted to
raise him,-but he was dead. He left a Widow, and one daughter, Heiress to his ample fortune. Society in general lost,
by his death, an useful, active member,-and several Charitable Institutions in the Capital, a generous Patron and Benefactor.(5)

He was interred on the 29th of October, in The Friends Burial-ground in Bunhill-Fields.

He married MARGARET BLAND, daughter of MICHAEL and PATIENCE BLAND, of Bucklersbury, London,-by whom he
had a daughter, PRISCILLA, (born on the 21st of April, 1772) who was married, on the 17th of March, 1790, to
CHARLES HANBURY, Esq., of Halstead, in Essex, by whom she has Eleven Children, living in 1825. Mrs. MARGARET BLAND

(5) Gentleman's Mag. vol. 58. p . 939.


 Page 211 Northhampton (Maidwell)

died at her house at Sibil Hedingham, in Essex, on the 17th of April, 1800, in the 64th year of her age, and was interred
in The Friends Burial-ground at Coggeshall, on the 25th of that month.

By default of issue from STAMPER, and ELIAS BLAND, the Estate at Wattesfield, in Suffolk, devolved to
Mrs. PRISCILLA HANBURY, on the death of HANNAH BLAND, the Widow of ELIAS.

Died, on the 9th of November, 1797, at Northborough, aged 80, ELIZABETH BLAND, Widow.

Died, in the month of August, 1810, at Maidwell, aged 85, Mr. EDMUND BLAND.

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