Stamper Family Project
 Our English Stamper Cousins, Contacts and Abstracted and Shared Information from Various Sources.
PDF files ... Parish Records and other resources 
Adventurers of Purse and Person / 1607 - 1624/5 and Their Families Part 1 / Part 2  
Genealogical Records of ......, Daniel Benezet ..... etc / Title; page 1; page 2 
 Collections For A History Of The Ancient Family of Bland
Cumberland Parish Records, Marriage v1; Marriage v2 
History of Hertfordshire .... Title; page 1; page 2; page 3 
 A Brief History of the Acker--Halbert Family
Early Cumberland and Westmorland Friends ... Title; page 166 
printed for the parish register section of Cumberland and Westmorland
Antiquarian and Archaelogical Society)
Marriages at Skegby ... Rev H J Stamper, the Vicar  
Lincolnshire, London, Miscellanea Marescalliana and Nottinghamshire Parish Records
Middlesex Parish Registers ... Marriages VIII; Title; Page 145
Calendar of the Patent Rolls 
 Correspondence re: Stamper research
 Crosthwaite Church shared by Betty Stamper Latham; Patrick Stamper
 Descendancy Narrative of James STAMPER (4657) shared by Derek Jones
Descendants of John Grave and Sarah Herbert of Cumberland, England 
Dew Family; Robert Stamper, wit 
Elizabeth Estaugh; Francis Stamper 
List of Passengers; Wm Stamper 
Genealogy of the Lloyd Family;  
Memorial of a Family; Mr Stamper 
Sir Thomas De Parke 
 David Rush and His Descendants
The American and English Sambornes 
Compendium of History, Remininscence and Biography; Edmund Stamper 
William Stubbs, Bishop of Oxford 
L Pope Stamper; Charles William Stamper and Jack Dee ... what do they have in common? 
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