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Hello, its Jesse. Here is the link about the "Descendants of Sir Thomas De Parke", this particular link will send you to Rachel Parks and Jonathan Brooks Stamper.
Go to the first page to see Sir Thomas De Parke. If you keep on clicking you will get to the page about Rachel Park's parents and see the will of her father,
Captain John Parks.
I also found another site that mentions some information on Rachel Parks and her parents, here is the link.
Let me know what you think of this information, whenever you have the time. I think some of the information on Jonathan Brooks Stamper on the first link is incorrect,
he refers to him a Reverned Jonathan Stamper.
Sincerely, Jesse Stamper
Jesse Stamper
Hello, Golden,
Here is some information I have on Rachel Parks. We get her birth date, maiden name, parents' names, and Stamper (shows her married name as Stamper) name
from the Diary of E. M. Parks (below). I have attached the pages below.
Is this the kind of information your looking for? Please let me know! Do you have a specific thing your looking for (source)?
DIARY OF E.M. PARKS(Page 1)The Sons of Thomas Parkes were as follows:John Parks died in TennThomas Parks died in Wilkes Co. NC
Ruben Parks died TennAaron Parks died near Fayett. (Fayetteville, TN)Ambrose Parks died in MissouriWilliam Parks died in the West. These are the children
of T. Parks, a brother to John my Grandfather's according to the memory of Benjamin Parks of Wilkes Co. N.C.This Aug 9th 1848 (Signed) E.M. Parks,
Martin Parks, Inspector at Lynchburg and William brothers were the sons of William killed at Powell's valley in Amhurst Co. Va. some of them are now living
12 mi. above Lynchburg near James River.Col Benjamin J. Parks on the Red river is son of Thomas who died on the Adkin river Wilkes Co. N.C.
(Page 2)The family of Parks Thomas & Son John. Thomas had John & Thomas, The names of the children of John were as Follows.
Names Births Born Lived Died DateD Mo. Y.
Rachel Stamper 3 Dec 1733 VA Wilkes Co. NC Wilkes Co. NC
Besty Gray 27 Feb 1734 '' '' ''
Mary Carrell 4 Jan 1736 '' '' ''
William 13 Oct 1738 '' '' Powell Valley killedby Indians
John 6 Mar 1739 '' '' Wilkes Co.
Thomas 29 Nov 1740 '' Burke Co. NC Burke Co.
Ann 15 Sep 1742 ''
Willy & Windfield 24 Mar 1744 ''
Benjamin 25 Mar 1746 '' Haywood Co. NC Haywood Co.
Franky Mays 28 Dec 1747 '' Virginia Virginia
Charles 13 Oct 1749 '' Georgia Georgia
Susanna 22 Sep 1751 '' Wilkes Co.
Linchfield 14 Feb 1753 '' N.C. N.C.
Sally Sale 22 Mar 1755 '' Wilkes Co. Wilkes Co.
Samuel 28 Nov 1757 '' Burke Co. Burke Co.
George 5 Aug 1759 '' Monroe Co. Ind Monroe Co.
These are the offspring of John Parks & Mary Sharp his wife married Aug 20 1732 The former born May 18th 1706 the later Aug 20 1715. (Page 3)
his book was wet & damaged Spring 1853 when returning from Tex. trying to survive, on horse back, one of the Bayous in the North of La, and also
had myself & all my belongings wet and damaged!(Signed) E. M. Parks  
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