[S021777] Schultheis, Martha Ann Roten, personal recollection

[S021778] Schultheis, Martha, records of

[S021779] Sears, Billie, personal Records of

[S021780] Setzer and Allied Families

[S021781] Shaw, Sheryl Mcneely, personal records of

[S021782] Sherwood, Sherida, Birth Certificate

[S021783] Shupe, Lloyd, records of;

[S021784] Shupe, Lloyd, records of & gedcom

[S021785] Smith, Eddie, personal records

[S021786] Smith, Floyd, personal records of

[S021787] Special Proceedings Summons Petition

[S021788] SSDI

[S021789] St. Clair, Myra, personal records of,

[S021790] Stamper Court Records Middlesex Co, VA 1673-1852

[S021791] Stamper Stage Family Quarterly

[S021792] Stamper, Bonnie, personal records of and Bible Records;

[S021793] Stamper, Bonnie, personal records of and Bible Records

[S021794] Stamper, David

[S021795] Stamper, Jackie, personal records of

[S021796] Stamper, James A, personal records of

[S021797] Stamper, James, Descendants of, 1750-1826

[S021798] Stamper, Jesse F. Jr., of Bronson, Florida, family group sheet

[S021799] Stamper, Martha (Mrs. O.D. Glenn) of Frankfort, KY

[S021800] Stamper, Rodney, personal records of

[S021801] Stark Co. Ohio Record of Births

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[S021803] Sulzer, Patricia A., personal records of

[S021804] Tackett, Ryan, personal records of

[S021805] The East Kentucky

[S021806] The Heritage of Carter County Kentucky 1992

[S021807] The Maxeys of Virgina

[S021808] The Mountain Eagle Newspaper

[S021824] Thomin, Robert, personal records of

[S021825] TN 1820-1850 Census Index

[S021826] TN Marriage Records

[S021827] TN, Hawkins Co, marriage records 1789-1886

[S021828] TN, State of, death certificate

[S021829] Tn, Stewart Co, Marriages

[S021830] VA 1810 Middlesex Co census

[S021831] VA, Grayson Co Marriage Records

[S021832] VA, Grayson Co Marriages

[S021833] VA, Lee Co Federal Census

[S021834] VA, Middlesex Co, Vestry Book of Christ Church

[S021835] VA, Scott Co Federal Census

[S021836] Vaughn, Scott, personal records of

[S021837] Vic Kemper, direct descendant

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[S021839] Wallace, Kaye, records of

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[S021841] Warnock, Peggy Buchanan, personal records of

[S021842] WFT #1578

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[S021844] Whiteside, Deneen, personal records of

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[S021846] Wills & Probates

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[S021848] Zongker, Elven K., personal records of

[S021849] Hillhouse, Sharon, personal records of

[S021850] 1880 Census Report

[S021851] 1900 Macon Co. Census Report

[S021852] All info on Clifford Ward Setzer and decend came from his son Charles Edward Setzer

[S021853] Caldwell Co Hertiage Annie Setzer

[S021854] Caldwell Co Hertiage Benjamin R Setzer

[S021855] Rogers, Sage, personal records of >

[S021856] Graham, Don and Marilyn, personal records of

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[S021859] Turner, Marge

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[S021862] Angel, Ray, personal records of

[S021863] >

[S021864] Anita >

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[S021866] Johnson, Richard O., editor of "Hash Family Historian" newsletter, >

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[S021871] Stamper, Tom, personal records of;

[S021872] Zappia, Janet, Personal records of;

[S021888] Caldwell Co Hertiage Harriet Setzer

[S021889] Caldwell Co Hertiage Susan Setzer

[S021890] Caldwell Co Hertiage Susan Setzer Crump

[S021891] Caldwell Co Hertiage-John Clark

[S021892] Cemetery Marker ,Setzer Cemetery, Patterson,NC

[S021893] Christ Schulties And Caldwell Co. Hertiage

[S021894] 1850 Census Report of Cherokee Co.

[S021895] 1850 Census Report of Macon Co. HH# 314

[S021896] 1850 Census Report of Yadkin Township

[S021897] 1860 Census Report Thomas W. not listed

[S021898] Co. F., 26th Regiment NC troops, 1861-1865 Roster

[S021542] , Roberta, personal records off

[S021543] >

[S021899] setzer/Setser Familys and Chris Shulties

[S021900] Setzer/Setser Familys George Tobias Setzer

[S021903] WFt Vol. 7 Pedigree # 0974

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[S021548] 1860 Census record

[S021905] Linicum, Rhonda, personal records of,

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[S021551] Amburgey Ancestry in America

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[S021906] 1860 Tennessee Census Record

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[S021902] Setzer/Setser Familys and Chris Schultheis

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[S021901] Setzer/Setser Familys , Jacob and Michael Setzer

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[S021571] Atlantic South, Early American Marriages

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[S021573] Bays, Carole, Dayton, OH, annacarole@aol.comm

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[S021933] 1880 Census

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[S021934] 1850 Census

[S021578] Blankinship, LaDonna J, personal records of

[S021576] Birth Certificate

[S021577] Birth Record

[S021572] Bagwell, Diary of

[S021927] Castevens, William C., SR Box 5, Traphill, NC 28685;

[S021582] Brown, Phyllis, personal records of

[S021580] Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol 2, Ed.4, Social Security Death Index, Surnames from M through Z

[S021588] Carter County a pictorial history By George Wolfford

[S021589] Carter County Census 1900-1910-1920

[S021590] Carter County Marriage Index 1882-1940

[S021591] Cemetery Records

[S021592] census Records

[S021579] Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol 1, Ed.4, Social Security Death Index, Surnames from A through L

[S021594] Civil War Files Microfilm

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[S021596] Death Certificate

[S021954] Spence, Carolyn Willey; personal research of;

[S021597] Death Record

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[S021599] Diary of Nora Mae Stamper Wilson

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[S021603] Early Georgia Tax Lists

[S021604] Eileen >

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[S021606] Estate Inventory

[S021959] Michelle at ;;

[S021605] Eplin, David, personal records of,

[S021609] Fearneyhough, Kaye, personal records of

[S021610] GA, Calhoun Co, Birth Record Applications

[S021961] Bertleson, Bonnie Stamper; research of;

[S021595] DAR Records

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[S021600] Dorotha (Kidwell) Nowell

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[S021915] Andruss, Matthew, personal records of;

[S021587] Carter County Cemeteries By Nancy Masters

[S021917] Risk, Alma, personal records of;

[S021925] Web site:

[S021568] Antone, Krystal, personal records of

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[S021633] Hatton, Forest, Death certificate of, No. 32014

[S021634] Hawley, Lorene, personal records of

[S021635] Hayes, Margaret, records of

[S021636] Hensley, Gerald C., records of

[S021637] Hensley, Henderson H., Death certificate of, No. 26688

[S021638] Index to Early TN Wills & Administrations 1779-1861

[S021639] Indian Translation

[S021640] Indiana 1850-1870 Stamper Census Records

[S021607] Family Bible/Personal Records of Russell Winfield Uplinger

[S021642] Inman, Kay, personal records

[S021643] Jackson, Jim, personal records of

[S021644] Johnson, Herk, records of; incl. family bible

[S021645] Kathy at >

[S021646] Kentucky Birth Index 1911-1995

[S021647] Kentucky Death Index 1911-1995

[S021648] Kiser, Harvey, personal records of

[S021649] KY 1800 Clark Co Tax List

[S021650] KY Births Record

[S021547] 1860 & 1870 Census Records Summit Co. Ohio

[S021652] KY Taxables & Tithables

[S021653] KY Wolfe Co 1900 Federal Census

[S021654] KY Wolfe Co 1910 Federal Census

[S021655] KY Wolfe Co 1920 Federal Census

[S021656] KY, Bath Co 1870 Federal Census

[S021593] Certified Copy of Birth Certificate of EW Forney

[S021658] KY, Bath Co, Consolidated Report

[S021659] KY, Breathitt 1850 Census

[S021660] KY, Breathitt Co 1900 Federal Census

[S021546] 1860 & 1870 Census records and personal records of Marc Hollister and Russell Uplinger

[S021662] KY, Carter Co 1850 Federal Census

[S021663] KY, Carter Co 1900 Federal Census

[S021664] KY, Carter Co Vital Statistics

[S021665] KY, Carter Co, 1880 Federal Census

[S021666] KY, Elliott Co 1880 Census

[S021667] KY, Elliott Co, 1870 Census

[S021668] KY, Fleming Co 1900 Federal Census

[S021669] KY, Harlan Co 1850 Federal Census

[S021545] 1860 & 1870 Census records

[S021671] KY, Letcher co, 1860 Federal Census

[S021672] KY, Letcher Co, Defeated Creek records

[S021608] Family Bible/Personal Records of Thelma Blitch Goolsby

[S021674] KY, Lewis Co, 1860-1870 Census Stamper/Dyer Connections

[S021675] KY, Morgan Co, 1860 Federal Census

[S021616] Handwritten notes of E.W. Forney

[S021677] KY, Wolfe Co, 1920 Census

[S021678] Lawson, Susan, records of

[S021679] LDS FGS

[S021680] Letcher Co, KY 1900 Census

[S021544] 1850 Ashe Co. NC Census records

[S021612] Genealogy Booklet of Louis and Sylvia (Holl) Myers

[S021907] Kboy2USMC@aol.comm

[S021909] Winston, Charles; personal records of;

[S021575] Bible Records

[S021926] Mullins, Adelene, personal records of;

[S021957] Moody, J. Mark, bible in possession of his father.

[S021955] McNeal, Hattie M. (Stamper) & Bill, personal records of;

[S021928] Michalak, Craig, personal records of;

[S021924] 1900 Federal Census

[S021673] KY, Letcher Co, Marriage Index

[S021651] KY Early Marriages

[S021661] KY, Breathitt co Marriages

[S021676] KY, Morgan Co, Marriages

[S021641] Indiana, Greene Co, Marriages

[S021696] Letcher County Methodist Heritage

[S021697] Letcher County, Kentucky Census 1850-1860-1870

[S021698] Letcher County, Kentucky Census Book 1880

[S021699] Lewis, Gary, personal records of

[S021700] Lingg, Brunetta Lafara, personal records

[S021701] Lock, Richard, will of

[S021702] Logan, Bruce, Personal records of and gedcom;

[S021703] king

[S021704] Lowe, Sherry, personal records of

[S021705] Lund, Rita, personal records of

[S021706] Lyons, Buck, personal records of

[S021707] Malo, Cheryl, personal records of

[S021708] Marc Hollister

[S021709] Marc Hollister, direct descendant

[S021710] Marc Hollister's personal files

[S021711] Marriage Index Carter County, Kentucky

[S021712] Marriage Index Letcher County, Kentucky

[S021713] Marriage Record

[S021714] Maybrey, Margaret Long

[S021715] McKinster, Lowell, personal records of

[S021716] Midkiff, Diane, records of and gedcom

[S021717] Miller, Goldie, records of

[S021718] Mitchell, Daniel & Suzanne, personal records of,

[S021719] Mitchell, Mabel Ilene Bostwick, personal records of

[S021720] Moore, Liz, personal records of

[S021721] Morgan County, Kentucky Census 1880

[S021722] Moser, Claude Rankin, Ancestors of, Pioneers of Catawba County, North Carolina

[S021723] NC 1784-87 State Census, Wilkes County

[S021724] NC 1790 Census, Wilkes County

[S021725] NC 1800 Clark Co Taxables

[S021726] NC 1810 Census, Ashe County

[S021727] NC Ashe Co 1880 Federal Census

[S021728] NC Ashe Co, 1850 Federal Census

[S021729] NC Census, 1850 Macon Co, Microfilm

[S021730] NC Census, 1860 Macon Co, Tennessee Valley, Abstract

[S021731] NC Census, 1900 Macon Co, Ellijay Twp, Microfilm

[S021732] NC Census, 1900 Macon Co, Smith Bridge Twp, Microfilm

[S021733] NC Macon Co 1850 Federal Census

[S021670] KY, Letcher Co Marriages 1876

[S021581] Broderbund Family Archive, Marriage Index: MD, NC, VA 1624-1915, CD # 4

[S021734] NC State Archive Marriage Bonds

[S021657] KY, Bath Co Marriage Records

[S021738] NC, Macon County Heritage

[S021739] Nickell, Don, records of

[S021740] Obituary

[S021741] O'Connor's Stamper Family

[S021742] Oliver Stamper

[S021743] PA 1790 federal census

[S021744] PA Marriages

[S021913] Hudson, Lowell D., personal records of;

[S021735] NC, Alleghany Marriages

[S021736] NC, Ashe Co Marriages

[S021737] NC, Halifax Co, Marriage Register & Bonds

[S021760] PA, Philadelphia, Christ Church Records

[S021761] Pennington, Rod, personal records of

[S021762] Personal file

[S021763] Personal records of Russell Uplinger

[S021764] Peters, Steve, personal records

[S021765] Phipps Family of N.C. and Virginia

[S021766] Phipps, Paul, personal records

[S021767] Project S.8 Archives and History Archives Section, WPA Pre-1914 Cemetery Inscription Survey

[S021768] Purdom, Paul, personal records

[S021769] Pyles, Bobbie, personal records of

[S021770] Robbins, Larry and Rachel, personal records

[S021771] Robin Mayes, gggranddaughter of Callie Seay (Howell)

[S021772] Sarah Ellen Myers Uplinger's personal diary

[S021773] Schultheis, Chris, personal records

[S021774] Schultheis, Christopher and Sherida, Marriage Certificate

[S021775] Schultheis, Christopher, Birth Certificate

[S021776] Schultheis, Emilia, Birth Certificate

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