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 DAR References (to 'Stamper' lineages)
Vol LX / 1906 (book)
Grdau of Levi Preston Cox and Elizabeth Stamper 
 Vol LXI / 1907 (book)
Grdau of Levi Preston Cox and Elizabeth Stamper
 Vol XC / 1911 (book)
Jacob Adams and Polly (Mary) Stamper

Vol XCIX / 1913 (book)
John Burton and Susannah H Stamper

Vol CII / 1913 (book)
Jacob Adams and Mary Stamper 
Vol CXIX / 1915 (book)
John Stamper and Nancy Hogg
 Vol CXLII / 1918 (book cover)
Jesse Toliver and Franky Stamper
Lineage Book V.2 / Page 292; Page 311
Page 292 ... Test: Samuel Jack, Powell Stamper
Page 311 ... Test: Peter Thomas, Sally Stamper
Bible and Other Family Records
General Sam Hopkins Chapter, DAR
Henderson, KY
Part 1; ... Part 2
 The Book of the
Sons of the Revolution in Indiana

Edited by William Allen Wood
 Misc DAR / Stamper References SAR Yearbook 
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 Pdf Files
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Documents Relating to the Colonial Revolutionary and Post-Revolutionary History or the State of New Jersey - Pg426 
Revolutionary War Pension Application of Joel Stamper (1)
Revolutionary War Pension Application of Joel Stamper (2) 
 Letter re: Joel Stamper - link to page
1890 Special Veterans Census for Eastern Kentucky 
1890 Special Veterans Census for Eastern Kentucky Notes 
 Civil War Soldiers and Sailors (Stamper)
 Deeds of Valor - How American Heroes Won The Medal of Honor
Record of Service of Connecticut Men in the Army and Navy of the United States - Title; Pg 297 
 1930 Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the U S Navy and Marine Corp / Title; Pgs 462; 448
 King's Mountain and It's Heroes - History of the Battle of King's Mountain
 United Spanish War Veterans Death Announcements - Title; Page
 American Civil War Soldiers (Stamper)
 History of Marion County (; Iowa) - Pgs 202; 203
 Travels of the 43rd Regt Tenn Volunteers
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