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No Stamper data has been located or shared relating to the states of
Alaska, North Dakota, New Hampshire or Vermont.
  Fri, June 1, 2012

There are lots of pdf files; some containing many pages. Please be patient while they load. Not every publication will contain a reference to the Stamper name. (Some of the publications, I found to just prove
to be very interesting reading ... what can I say ... :- )) Using the 'edit' and 'find' feature do not always
produce results whenever looking for a particular reference.

 Alabama thru Kansas
 Directory for the State of Alabama
 Marriages   SSDI 
   Directory for the State of Arizona  
 Newspapers Obituary Notices / Cemetery Listings  SSDI 
  Directory for the State of Arkansas 
 Census extractions  Obituary Notices / Cemetery Listings Land Records 
 Marriages  Ft Smith Criminal Cases (3)  SSDI
 Directory for the State of California
 Land Records  Obituary Notices / Cemetery Listings Births 
 misc data  Newspapers SSDI 
 Saratoga Story .. references to Stamper; pages 36; 85; 170; and in the index pages 6 and 20
 Directory for the State of Colorado
   Obituary Notices / Cemetery Listings  SSDI
 Directory for the State of Connecticut
 Directory for the State of District of Columbia
 Directory for the State of Delaware
   Obituary Notices / Cemetery Listings SSDI 
Directory for the State of Florida 
 Mr Good Re-storer  Obituary Notices / Cemetery Listings SSDI 
 Directory for the State of Georgia
 Marriages  Obituary Notices / Cemetery Listings Births 
 Wills  Deeds SSDI 
1820 - 1880 Telfair Co Census Cover / Pg20 ... Index  Columbus, GA News Title / Page 21 
Directory for the State of Hawaii 
   Obituary Notices / Cemetery Listings  SSDI
 Directory for the State of Idaho
 Marriages  Obituary Notices / Cemetery Listings  SSDI
Southeast Idaho History     
 Directory for the State of Illinois
 Bible Records - Dillard Stamper; s/o Asa  Obituary Notices / Cemetery Listings  Land Records, Wills
 Marriages - Page 1 ..... Page 2 The Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln   SSDI / misc data
 History of Decatur County, Illinois  History of Logan County, Illinois Politics and Politicians of Illinois 
Census Records for various counties; including Macoupin and Montgomery County - .pdf files 
Additional Histories for various counties; including Iroquois; Macon; Marion; and Richland, Clay and Marion Counties  
 Directory for the State of Indiana
 Obituary Notices / Cemetery Listings  Obituary Notices / Cemetery Listings2 Obituary Notices / Cemetery Listings3 
 Burton Cemetery, Lawrence County  Burton Gap Cemetery, Lawrence County  Marriages / Land
 Nat'l Weather Service  Starke County Cemetery Indexing Project Census extracts  
 Page 263; Page 264 and Page 274  Indiana Historical Society Misc Data ; SSDI 

Extracts from various county histories - pdf files
Delaware; Jay and Blackford; Miami; Greene and Sullivan; Hancock; Vigo and Parke Counties

 Directory for the State of Iowa
 Iowa Census entries 1870 Obituary Notices / Cemetery Listings  SSDI 

 Iva Herdliska Scrapbook Collection - cover; pg90

 Portrait and Biographical Album of Henry County, Iowa - book; cover; pg254; pg255

History of Wapello County, Iowa and ..... Book 1; pg162; Book 2 
 Directory for the State of Kansas
   Obituary Notices / Cemetery Listings SSDI 
History of Meade County, Kansas - Title Page; Book; Page 164 
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